Pet lovers get a lot of benefits by taking care of dogs or cats.  But, to start with dog or cat care, why is it better to have two? Well, is it because two heads are better than one?  I bet not, but let’s look into the benefits of having two dogs. These animals we call as pets could also become part of our family, and its better to have more in company?

Two are better than one because they can make you happier if you have two.  Especially if one of your pets got sick, you could take of the other and play with the other.  Also there are times one must pass earlier than the other, you wouldn’t have to worry of buying a replacement if you have two of them.

Let me layout what are the importance of having two dogs or cats

They keep from being lonely and bored

Even humans love to have someone to talk to, to enjoy meals with and to share problems with.  Dogs being a social animal wanted to have someone like them to play. Also, these pets enjoys being with another so they can look up to someone else not just us who are caring for them.  Sometimes when we go out, work and travel, these pets get so bored and lonely and they worry too much on what time we’ll get back home.


Pets love to have us around because we play with them, feed them, and even give them hugs and make them feel special in their lives.  They also wanted another of their kind as they could relate more with their same species.

Helps each other to get the habit of playing and exercise

If you have two pets, you have two to exercise with.  Did you know that you can sometime tire much of your dog especially if you are doing an intensive jog?  Better have two of them so you can swap out for the other one to have a rest and not over-exercise them.   Also, you could bring them together.

Dogs and cats love to play too, with the two, these pets also get along with each other, they may have some small fight over food and attention.  Yes your pets loves to play with you too. They usually compete for attention and care. These animals do small dog fights or simulate a rat race if they were cats.

Lifelong emotional bonds for each other

Bonding with your pets could be a good experience in life if they lasted for about 5-15 years of their lives.  They are kind, and always there for you, especially when you got too much stress from life and work.

Pets also get tantrums at times or moody depending on the breed or line you are caring for.  When these happen, if they have another counterpart, they will envy the other and would behave well too.  Training them and then later they will please you twice as much as their number can give you.

If you care for two pets, you have multiplied your happiness.  So why would you not have two pets if you could take good care them?



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