There’s a saying: dogs are mirrors of their owners– This makes us think about how we treat our dogs and how does the treatment affect them?

We are often faced with dog behavioral problems. From dogs who refuse to take a bath, to dogs who have poor impulse control—we seem to grow more frustrated by the day knowing we can’t teach our dogs well.

You ever thought that maybe you are partly at fault? Maye forcing them to do things or facing their fears is not a good idea. Maybe we could use positive-reinforcement techniques next time to help them ease their anxiety in doing these things that they are not really accustomed to.


Maybe we are not understanding enough. Let us all remember that the root of behavioral problems of dogs are stress, anxiety, and fear. With the presence of these three, there will always be a problem. Indeed, dogs reflect their owners—they misbehave because their owner, do not give them the guidance and patience they need. After all, they can’t be blamed for their attitude.

According to experts, pet owners often commit these mistakes that are attributed to dogs’ behavioral problems. Here are some points to consider:

Take into Consideration Your Dog’s Body Language

Like any relationship, communication is key. Probably the reason behind your dog misbehaving is your inability to understand what he or she is saying. Your dog will send out subtle signals if he or she is a little stressed, or would wish for some space. Learn to recognize these signals to prevent a more aggressive progress on his or her sent message. That is reason why they hiss or growl at you at times. It is not because they are bad dogs, you simply cannot answer that THEY NEED SPACE.

Do Not Push Your Dogs to Face Their Fears (it’s mean and cruel)

Dogs feel extreme emotions too. Pushing them to conquer their fears is simple mean, inhumane and cruel. Instead of giving them an avenue to be more confident, you are just making it worse. Instead of improving the situation, you will just escalate your pet’s stress level. Just imagine the trauma they go through every time you push them into that ordeal. Worse, they would associate you, their owner, with their fear and trauma. Surely they will misbehave to someone who they do not trust. Experts also advise dog owners to refrain from using punishment for training. This is not good for the owner and dog relationship. Vets have observed that reward based and positive training are better in yielding positive dog behaviors.  

Help Your Pets Go Through Care

For dogs, going to the grooming center is often times scary. It is stressful for them because of a lot of reasons: imagine getting touched by strangers, getting clipped, long bath, long hours strapped, shaved, among others. When we force them to comply going through these, it becomes even more stressful. These situations are actually bad for our pets. The best thing to do is be with them, teach them how to be calm and cooperative—and that they will earn rewards for it. It is better to know that your pets received the care he needs without the trauma and the stress.

With all your problems with your dog’s behavior—always remember, you, as owner can do something about it. Don’t blame it on your poor pooch. He or she probably just needs a little more love, support, and attention from you. A little cooperation between the two of you will go a long way.



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