Holidays and Trips are always fun, people like spending quality time with their families and friends. Dogs are part of your household, so it will be great if we tag them along with you. Nowadays, shopping malls, hotels and other leisure places allow dogs in their premises so you need not to worry.

Your pets give so much delight and happiness in children, we all know that kids easily get bored in travels, so bringing our pets would be an awesome idea because they will surely like to play with them.

First and foremost, you have to keep in mind that our dogs are very dependent. At home, we take care of them, feed them, bathe them. Our home will always be their comfort zone, so when we take them with us on trips, they would feel awkward at first, they have to adjust and cope to a new place. So you should know the things that you have to consider when you travel with our them.


For starters, we need to know and understand our pet’s wellbeing. We should make a list of things we can and cannot do with them, for example, should we join them in long walks? hiking? in swimming? Or should we just leave them in a pet hotel?

After weighing things, you will fully consider bringing them along with you. Guidelines will follow to make sure that you will have a fun filled vacation with your pet.

Days before going on a trip, you need to secure necessary travel documents for them, a health certificate to make sure they are well since going to a different place and it will be a new environment for your pet, you need take your pet to the veterinarian to have them vaccinated to protect them from potential animal diseases such as Lyme disease, Canine distemper and Influenza, external parasites such as tick and fleas etc.

Dogs, in general enjoys traveling by car, well for some who aren’t, you have to prepare them for it, you can get your dog accustomed by driving him around town, or take him in a short road trip, at least until your pet gets the hang of it. Make sure he is comfortable, offer light snacks before leaving, and don’t forget to bring lots of water, in case you will be going to a humid, warm place, to keep him hydrated.

You have to plan ahead, consider the travel time, have a stopover once in a while so your pet can have a quick, short walk in between stops. If we, (humans) needs a lot of bathroom breaks and stops, they surely do too. You can put dog diapers on them so that it won’t be too messy, or bring paper bags to clean up their mess while traveling.
If you have tried traveling with your dog on a long drive that’s an advantage, but if your dog isn’t used to it, then someone should be beside your pet in the car so that they can hold him and help him when he get uncomfortable and uneasy due to being in the car for too long. Some pets may show signs of anxiety such as vomiting, moaning and moving too much.

Like us, they have to do the things more than the usual for them to get used to, when we take them for short rides, they will be familiar with doing it, for instance, taking them to shopping malls, grocery stores, parks, or when we to errands. With these, they will have a good vibe in being in a car. Of course, we need to use a dog leash when we take them with us.

After doing all the necessary routine for your pet and he still shows signs of anxiety, best thing to do is have him prescribed by an anti-anxiety medicine, ask extra tips from the veterinarian. Let them know how your pet is doing, tell your veterinarian what you need, they know what do best, whether with meds or giving you advice.
Below are important advice and considerations for you to have a convenient and hassle free ride with your pet:

Firstly, DON’T leave your dog in the car on his own, weather can be misleading, you could misinterpret cold and humid weather, even opening car doors and windows for air circulation because too much humidity is bad for closed spaces like your vehicle.
And Given that dogs are playful, they always enjoy cool breeze and when they are in the car, they are fond of putting out their heads out of the window and as much as we want them to enjoy, we need to be cautious because it can be an accident prone scenario.

Secondly, tighten the leash so that we can avoid untoward incidents such as jumping over the seats or worse, the window. We need to be extra careful in putting him in a safe place in a moving car, we can’t leave him in an open space, such as opened trunk.

We wouldn’t want our pets to be hungry or thirsty in a trip, so we need to pack extra food and water, the last thing we wouldn’t them to be is to be famished.
Use a dog leash: Although your dog may walk freely with you all the time, this is not the right thing to do during a trip. All it takes is something to spark an interest in your dog to lure your pooch into danger. Also, it is much harder to find a dog in a strange place.
Bringing a dog leash should first on the list. Well, we won’t take them for a long walk, we just need it just in case we need to keep them close, since it is an unfamiliar place for them, most likely, they might get lost.

Since we don’t want them to be nowhere to be found, for a precaution, we should put a dog tag for identification purposes, (don’t forget to write your name, contact number and address in case he is found. It will be a huge help.



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