There will always be an unwanted dog, an unadoptable dog. People want dogs that are perfect with no disabilities because they are too much work. They are not.

Sometimes, the most unwanted have the most grateful hearts. A lady took it upon herself to adopt special needs chihuahua. She wants to take care of the underdog and the unadoptable ones.

One of her dogs is Charlie, who was rescued from an abuser. Abraham was found on the side of the road. Peter came from a hoarder.


All came from different backgrounds but are now one as a family. For Harvey, everyone was wrong about him. One morning, Harvey was on the email saying that they needed to find a hospice home for him, or he will be euthanized that very afternoon at three.

They thought Harvey was about sixteen years old and had cancer because she was losing her hair. So Harvey’s future mother took him to a vet and was informed that he was about five or six years old only, and he had no cancer or any terminal disease. He is healthy as can be.

Harvey is a good addition to their family. They are treated like babies, and they inspire their mom every day. All of the dogs continue to be strong and are living a happy life.

They are fortunate to have someone look past their disabilities and love them for who they are. Because of that, people now see what their mother see in them, and the world knows just how lovable they truly are.

These dogs brighten up their mother’s day and have given each other reason to keep moving forward. These dogs are special and the world needs to see that. It only takes one person for the rest of the world to appreciate such beauty and love.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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