That amazing feeling you get when you know someone can’t wait for you to come home. The feeling that someone is eagerly waiting for you to be in their arms again is just inspiring. The bond between Rambo and his owner is incredible, and it becomes evident when you get separated for a while.

Annie was away for weeks leaving her dog at home. This dog has been anticipating her return ever since. He could not contain his excitement for his mother to come home.

When Annie finally returned, you can see this german shepherd’s happiness is beyond anything you have ever seen. He is so excited to see Annie and to be able to play with her again. Rambo has been waiting for this moment for weeks, and it has finally come.


When Rambo saw Annie, he would have jumped over the gate if he could just to meet her. He really misses her so much. Rambo was barking with so much excitement.

When Annie was able to hold him in her arms again, Rambo was very happy. They even played their favorite game- peekaboo. Rambo happily played with Annie.

They can now play their favorite game again and have all the kisses and cuddles they can give each other now that Annie is home. Seeing your pet get this excited to see you means that you are doing something right.

When they feel how much you love them, they reciprocate the feeling and are not afraid to show them. Rambo is a huge dog and when he jumped on his mother, she even stumbled backward. That’s how excited Rambo was to see her.

Missing each other this much makes one look forward to going home. Being apart for a while and seeing each other again will only make the bond of these two stronger.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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