Cleaning up your dog’s hair certainly isn’t that fun, but it’s necessary for us pet owners. All of those accumulated dog hairs go straight to the dump. But hold up, have you ever considered if there can be ways to utilize dog hair? Here are some uses for dog hair.

Cleaning Up Oil Spills

Matteroftrust is a non-profit organization based on California that uses hair to clean up oil spills. They collect human or dog hair to make oil spill hair booms that are made from recycled pantyhose. It turns out that hair is surprisingly efficient at gathering oil from water. It is also very adsorbent which means it clings to; not like absorbent that only soaks up.

400,000 pounds of these oil spill hair booms were sent to the Gulf Coast in 2010 to assist in the BP oil spill clean-up.


Thanks to kind continuous donations, their warehouse is currently full, but that won’t stop you from donating yourself.

Dog Hair Used As a Pest Repellent

Dog hair can be used as a natural pest repellent. You can use your dog fur together with your sprinkler to drive away unwanted garden pests like deer, gophers or rabbits.

Dog Hair as Compost

Like any other type of hair, you can use your dog’s hair as a type of compost. You can add it to your current compost pit, make sure to spread it evenly to ensure that it will easily break down.

Dog Hair for The Birds

If you adore birds chirping during spring, you can try leaving some dog food where they can easily find them. Birds use dog’s hair as material for constructing their nest. You can conveniently place the dog hair in a mesh bag, a small sack, or any type of small container to prevent it from being blown by the wind. You can also try to drape it across branches. But make sure that the dog hair your giving to birds isn’t treated with chemicals against pesky parasites such as ticks or flea.

Knitting Using Dog Hair

A book titled Knitting With Dog Hair exists. A user named Jay on Goodreads made a review on the boo saying: “I love this book! I knitted a sweater for my dog out of her own hair! I knitted myself some socks from the dog next door!”

Making Yarn

Yarn can be made from dog hair, you can either make it yourself or you can also hire someone to spin it for you. There many companies that make custom yarn made out of dog hair. From making your own yarn, it opens the opportunities of making more items such as gloves, jumpers, scarves or dream catchers.

Dog Hair As Stuffing

Dog hair can also be used as great stuffing for pillows. It can be also used for stuff toys or even toys for your very own dog made from their own hair.

With all these things you can do with your dog’s hair, throwing it all away can now be a shame, imagine all the things you can do and even make with these furs.



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