Andrew Blaskovich owns Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen food truck. He also owned Rex, a rare blue Great Dane who was, sadly, killed by a burglar. The unfortunate incident happened at Andrew’s home back in June 2015 while he was out working.

Since losing his beloved Rex, Andrew had been searching everywhere for another blue Great Dane. However, the breed is so rare that nobody seemed to have it. The only one that he saw was a breeder from Ontario, Canada. However, this would mean that the dog would have to be quarantined before it gets imported into the country.



Andrew has also been a longtime supporter of Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento. The shelter staff invited Andrew to join them on Sunday’s Puppy Bowl. This is a fun dog event wherein they inscribe the competing teams’ names on the food bowls. Whichever bowl attracts the most number of puppies is projected to be Super Bowl’s winner.

During the event, saw the pup he’s long been looking for. It was a 4-month-old female blue Great Dane. Sadly, Andrew learned that the woman who was fostering the dog was planning to keep her.


When the Puppy Bowl ended, the public coordinator of the shelter, Bobby Mann, asked Andrew to stick around. A few minutes later, they gave Andrew the blue Great Dane pup he’s been eyeing for. Bobby said that they’re aware of Andrew’s search for this dog breed. The pup’s foster mom, Amanda Connors, also knew about Rex’s story.

So, together, they decided to invite Andrew to the event and give him the surprise of his life. Andrew was overwhelmed with happiness when he found out that he’s keeping the dog. He said that she looks just like Rex, but with a little difference on the temperament.  Rex was quite energetic while his new pup is super mellow.


Bobby said that she’s a stray pup that was brought to the shelter. When they got her, her leg was injured. Temporarily, they placed her under foster care. They didn’t tell Andrew about it yet to avoid getting his hopes up. There’s a possibility that her owner would show up or her leg injury would be determined to be permanent.

Fortunately, everything went well, and now Andrew’s search is finally over. Surely, he’ll never forget this Super Bowl.

Credit: Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento, Andrew Blaskovich



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