One afternoon last week, Rose Jenkins went out for a walk with her 3-year-old dog, Jai. After circling their Bangkok, Thailand neighborhood for a couple of times, Jenkins decided that it’s time for her and Jai to go back home. And on their way back, as they strolled through the alley that takes them to their condo, Jai suddenly started pulling his leash.

“I was confused. Jai walks fine on a leash,” said Jenkins. “I thought maybe, he caught some food scents, but it’s different. He startled and went jumpy so it surprised me. I wasn’t sure if that was a squirrel or a rat.”


After a little investigation, Jenkins realized what it was. Hiding in between a vacant hotel’s wall and old pipes was a tiny white and black kitten. But Jai seemed to have frightened the little creature. It took off and went running straight to the tiny space near the wall and then froze.

“The kitten, it stood there like it was stunned. Or it was lost or confused,” said Jenkins. “I noticed how skinny and somehow filthy he was. His ribs were visible.”

Jai struggled and kept on pulling his leash. And Jenkins, despite having to tightly hold onto Jai’s lead, knew that the sweet dog meant no harm to the kitten. Jai loves kittens and took the role of a foster mom to a litter prior to all being adopted.

“He was curious but I had to run him back upstairs so the kitten won’t get spooked and run away. I was crossing my fingers and praying that he’d still be there once I return. I called my husband yelling for him to bring me a blanket and a crate and he was like ‘Oh no, what is it this time?’ So I told him that Jai found a kitten.”

Thankfully, the kitten hasn’t moved an inch when Jenkins got back. She picked him up, wrapped him in the blanket, placed him in the plastic crate and brought him up to their condo. “He had no eyes!”

The tiny one, now called Aldous, was swarming with fleas and badly needed some help. So Jenkins took him to the vet and made it to the clinic 10 minutes prior to its closing. In no time, Aldous was feeling a lot better. PAWS Bangkok covered a portion of Aldous’ medical expenses and agreed to find him his forever home once he’s ready.

Photo Credits to Rose Jenkins via The Dodo

Meanwhile, Jenkins was so happy that her Jai sniffed out Aldous. Her dog has always been the sweetest to every cat and kitten that they get to encounter. “Jai saved him!”



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