Archaeological findings of prehistoric humans with their beloved dogs were found near the area of present-day Barcelona, Spain. It is strong evidence of the solid bond shared, between humans and dogs since the Neolithic era.

They show as great proof that our present-day best buddies are not only recent companions but also dates even further back in time.

According to Silvia Albizuri, a lead author and researcher at the University of Barcelona, The Neolithic communities fully integrated the animals among them.


Apparently, this friendship even extends to as far as the grave based on the ancient civilization’s belief, as concluded from the report of the Journal of Archaeological Science.

More than two dozen burial marks contain either complete or partial remains of canine companions laid next to the bodies of men, women, and children.

Studies suggest that these ancient men sacrificed those dogs during the burial process. Many ancient cultures are known to believe in life after death, and some even practices bringing along their material possessions on the graves when they die.

Further examination on the bones identified the animals to be relatively young based on bone structures found, ranging only at around one to six years old.

Researchers identified no cut marks on the animal bones veering away from the idea that they were for consumption as a food source.

Similar sites were also found at other areas in Northern Italy and Southern France but the current site found has the most number of dogs than the others.

Dogs are one of those first used as an effective hunting companion and for transport as well.

They also trained early dogs to help us herd other domesticated animals like sheep, goats, and cattle.
Our beloved pets are also great protectors from wild animals and other invaders when early mankind started to be settlers.

It is very undeniable that dogs played very crucial roles in our daily lives ever since the dawn of time.

Thanks to our friends over at The Economic Times for sharing the original story.



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