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Stories about how dogs have saved human lives are all over – heroic stories of dogs in dangerous circumstances. Yet, how about a dog saving a fellow dog? It may really sound unusual but, it happens as well.  

This story of a pup’s bravery is just as wonderful as the rest. Certainly, the saving instincts of your beloved pets are not limited to protecting humans only. They can act instinctively and accordingly when certain situations arise. 

In April 2018, a dog’s heroic act towards saving a drowning dog on a swimming pool was caught on a security camera. The owner was so surprised when she checked out the recorded video. To her surprise, there was one specific scene that impressed her. 


Kayla Becerra, the residence owner, saw how her pooch Smokey struggled his way within their pool’s stairs. He was trying so hard to escape and appears frightened. Then, her other dog Remus saw what was happening.

He quickly jumped into the pool to help. It was really such an amazing sight to behold and a story worth sharing.

The Mesa Fire and Medical Department happened to hear about the valiant story of Remus. The Arizona Labrador was awarded in a ceremony and was given lots of freebies and dog treats. The Fire and Life Safety Educator Megan Chute even expressed her delight on how Smokey was saved. 

Photo credit: Life with Dogs

Remus’ story was even featured on the Facebook post of Mesa Fire and Medical Department. Along the said post, people are warned that drowning can happen in just 2 minutes, so they recommend strong swimmers and even adults not to swim alone as there may be circumstances that could go beyond control.

This amazing story of Remus and Smokey was used to convey the message about how important it is to observe safety and precautionary measures during swimming. 

Remus reminds us to be safe around water.

A local dog gives us a few takeaways to learn from when it comes to water safety education. Remus saved his friend Smokey from nearly drowning this past April. Drowning can occur in less than 2 minutes, NEVER SWIM ALONE. Even if you're an adult and a strong swimmer, circumstances beyond your control can lead to a fatal consequence. #BeSafeAroundWater #dog #firefighter

Posted by Mesa Fire and Medical Department on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Video credit: Mesa Fire and Medical Department

Thanks, Life with Dogs, for sharing us this story.



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