Just like humans, dogs get bored too. This is especially true if they are not given anything to do all throughout the day. Unlike us humans, we find ways to entertain ourselves but dogs can’t. They depend entirely on us for their existence. We decide when they eat, play and exercise. Furthermore, we are their only main source of entertainment.

Now bored dogs can get into a lot of trouble. That is why it is important to recognize if your pet is bored and know what you can do about it.

1. Showing a lot of behavioral issues

If you notice that your pet is chewing, barking digging, getting into thrash – more than they should, it could mean they are bored. Dogs develop behavioral issues when they are bored. They find destructive ways to entertain themselves. Unfortunately, activities like chewing furniture and shoes, digging up the garden and more are something we humans are not happy about.


What we can do about it is to give our dogs more constructive and helpful things to do. We should teach our do good habits and encourage good behavior.

Utilize frozen treats or any boredom busters

Dogs just can’t help it. They have this huge amount of energy levels that if left unattended, may end up bad for your dog. To stop your pet from creating havoc in your home, utilize doggie boredom busters for them to be occupied. Dogs are not only into physical activity, but you can also challenge their mental capacity.

Using food puzzle or a frozen treat stuffed into a Kong, it allows our dogs to be mentally active.

2. Exhibiting attention seeking behaviors

When dogs are bored, they will try to get your attention by barking or whining. Some dogs will in fact just come right up in your face. These behaviors are actually good because they are basically letting you know they are bored and they are just trying to get your attention and looking for something to do.

Set a daily routine for your dog

Setting up a day with your dog is a good idea. Dogs like schedules. They can automatically set their biological timer as to when they can play, eat, relax and be active again.

Since dogs are creatures of habit, by setting up a routine, they will be able to know what is expected of them. Feeding them at the same time every day will give them a sense of security. Consistent activity time will teach your dog the right time to do all of the activities.

3. Is your dog following you around

Chances are they are bored. Since you are their main source of entertainment a dog following you around means that they are bored. They are entirely dependent on you.

Although following you around does not necessarily mean that they bored, you can encourage your dog independent behaviors.

Give your dog plenty of exercise and mentally-challenging activities.

Exercise will give your dog a chance to deplete their energy level, and find games as mentally stimulating.



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