Social media is now flooded with doggie videos and cute pets all over the world. Wouldn’t it be nice when you just pull-off a well-composed photograph and upload it for the whole to see? But, photography skills are hard to learn. Even with the top-notch and high-grade equipment, if you can’t make your dog stay still for that candid pose, photos will come out blurry.

Aside from a lot of patience and a lot of photos to take, here are some tips and tricks you are gonna need to take beautiful dog photos.

Take advantage of natural lighting

The sun has its way of making a photo stand out. Its light makes the photos look naturally stunning. Notice that when you use a camera’s flash for a picture, red eyes are seen. Also, avoid taking photographs under a direct light. Doing so creates a lot of unnecessary shadows and exposure issues.


Changing the angle


You can’t just rely on a single angle for a lot of shots. Try taking photos from different angles. Take pictures from the ground, from above, from an eye-level and experiment. You can also focus on your dog’s cutest parts and take the shots.

Shoot many photographs as you can

You don’t have to wait for the perfect moment in order to take the picture. You can try as many as you can! Since most people are already using digital cameras, there is no film limit to consider. Who knows, in that many shots you took, you already got the perfect one in-between.

Simplify your background

Notice how professional photographs only highlight the subject of the photo? The same goes when you are trying to showcase your dog and his best features. The background should not make the picture too crowded or too filled.

Learn and apply the rule of thirds

This is a more technical aspect that every doggy owner that likes to photograph should at least learn. This is when the most prominent or most interesting features of the dog are placed on the frame’s intersecting points. If you don’t know where these intersecting points are, you can go to your phone’s camera settings. Activate the phone’s grid and you’ll see it upon opening your camera.

Adding a human element

Another thing that makes a dog photograph wonderful and natural is the inclusion of people. For example, you can take a candid photo of your dog bathing with your child. The atmosphere of the photo will look refreshing and at the same time, surreal. In addition, you can take pictures of your family’s bonding moment with your dog. Take a picture of your dog sleeping on your dad’s belly and so much more.

Take into account the dog’s personality

This one should be easy. Try to observe what are the most memorable habits and quirks your dog possess. For example, whenever taking a bath, your dog would blow bubbles through his nose. Since every dog’s personality is unique, you should let it shine through. How lazy they are, how mischievous they are when they smell food and how lovable they are when you need their comfort.



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