There are no scientific certainty whether or not your dream or not., but its also difficult to think that they don’t. We all see dogs demonstrate similar behavior of their fully awake state during sleep. For eg. growling, chewing jowls, twitching noses, whining, wagging tails, and Paddling legs. From these we can imagine what our dogs are dreaming about.

Do we know that our dogs are dreaming ?
Well, our findings regarding this is very less but we can take some sort of belief from the following information that dogs do experience dreams. There is a study of relationship memory, sleep and dreams done by Matthew Wilson ( According to MIT News ) a professor of neuroscience at MIT, and Kenway Louie a graduate of 2001



Their study revealed rats brain creates a distinctive firing pattern neurons while given training to run through a track for food.Then researcher found the same sort of brain activity either they are sleeping or awake.


Is there any similarity?
Now question is it same for dogs that happens to rats & human? Matthew Wilson thinks so, he guess unless any special something cats & dogs are doing same thing, according to USA Today’s website.


Hippocampus the brain portion collects / stores memories works same way in all kind of mammals. According to as per Professor Wilson, on a comparison between rat to dog, in a cat to human,  contain of hippocampus are same pieces. He thinks dogs remembers the same way of the past experiences during dreaming as human.


As per  National Institutes of Health It is known, that  most of the dream happens in human during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Same happens to dogs. Psychology Today’s website says dogs breathing becomes irregular & shallow at the time of REM.


Muscle twitching takes place during REM. If you take a close look, you will observe a REM under the closed eyelids. Dogs experience the same. legs paddling, twitching, vocalizing, etc are commonly observed during REM sleep.

What do we believe about dog dreaming ?
It is impossible to imagine that they are not dreaming while sleeping. As studied by Wilson and Louie we would like to believe that the best friend of human reenacting their recent memories, like sniffing in the woods, playing at the park, chewing the bone, chasing squirrels etc.

As per the The National Institutes of Health Sigmund Freud theorized that dreaming was a “safety valve” for our unconscious desires. You see, they are right. When dogs dream, they remembers of catching of cats, dog treats along with continuous belly rubs, and stealing hanksgiving turkey from dining table.



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