This could be a familiar scenario to you:

It’s the first day of school, and your kid’s already excited to be with his classmates again after the long summer vacation. His school bus arrives.

When your kid is about to leave, your dog starts barking like crazy. The whole scenario repeats itself every school day.


If this is indeed a familiar scenario, it means that your dog needs a little getting used to the activities during regular school days. This entails further that your dog will have to understand that his humans won’t be available during typical work hours to pet him, cuddle with him or at least give him something to eat.

As a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to assist your dog in making the transition easy for your furry friend.

Here are some of the things you could do for your dog:

Set time to play with your dog

Prior to leaving for work or school, set a few minutes to play with your dog. Strenuous activities will help your dog overcome stress of temporary separation.

Distracting your dog with toys

When your kid is about to leave for school, bring out your dog’s toys (particularly new ones) to temporarily distract your pet from making noises. Treats, such as meaty bones, could also come in handy and keep your dog occupied for a few hours.

Doggy day care

Sometimes, what your dog needs is just a little socialization with other dogs. Perhaps it’s a good idea to bring your dog to the nearby doggy day care and let your furry friend have a few hours of fun while your kids are away.

If you can’t find a nearby doggy day care, you may also opt to hire a dog walker, a person whom you could trust to take your dog to walks every single day. It’s also a chance for your dog to socialize with others, and have fun.

Your dog’s new doggy friend

Want a full-time distraction for your dog?

You might want to have another dog in the family a.k.a. new playmate for your dog.

Your new dog will serve as your dog’s company when you and your kids are away. However, this is quite a risky move to consider.

If your dog is a mischievous pet, he might be able to convince your new dog to behave the same! Or if your new dog is the mischievous one, your dog could end up as your new dog’s accomplice. They could do things together, even cause lots of trouble together!

So, to prepare for this step, it is equally important to train your dog with good behavior first before bringing home another one.


Dogs love routines and their behavior normally coincides with routines familiar to them.

A sudden change in routine could be confusing for your dog, and your role as a pet parent is to make your dog understand how the new routine works. By the time your dog understands the new routine, it will soon be easier to manage his behavior.



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