The things that you value the most say so much about the kind of person you are. The significance of things may differ from one person to another. But, there are things that contribute to happiness and that you cannot live without.

What if one day you found out that your house got stormed by thieves? What will be the first thing that you would check?

Around 11:30 in the evening, a maroon SUV near the Alvarado’s residence had been caught by a surveillance camera. A suspicious man got off and move towards the house.


When Diana Alvarado got home from a tiring day, she was shocked to find a complete mess. The furniture was damaged, the cabinets turned upside down and everything got scattered. The thieves got access to the house through their master’s bedroom.

He was able to steal some pieces of jewelry, gadgets and even got their piggy bank. It looks like he really tried to get everything he can. But aside from the valuable things, what made the family grief-stricken was finding their beloved two-year-old pup got taken as well.

The burglar incident happened during the Christmas season which made it all worst. Smokey was a young, American Bully who was considered as a part of the Alvarado family. The loss of the cuddly and sweet fur baby was something they refuse to accept.

They already distributed some flyers with Smokey’s picture together with their contact number. The family even offered a $500 reward for anyone who can return Smokey. The concerned neighbors, who are all aware of how important the dog was, increased the reward to $2000.

The family got a lead that Smokey had been somewhere in Balch Springs TX after the couple who had him dropped him off there. The information fueled their hope of finding him safe and sound the soonest time possible.

Credit: Diana Alvarado on Facebook



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