Kevin previously had a family, but he was surrendered under the care of Austin Animal Center. Since November of last year, he has been there waiting for his new forever home. Most recently, the shelter had some spacing issues so the four-year-old Labrador mix had to be moved from his kennel to an office space. And once he became an office dog, things went missing.

His office friends immediately discovered that Kevin had some sort of a ‘stealing issue’. Anytime something is left unattended, the sweet boy goes sneaking, surveys their belongings, and takes whatever pleases him back to his doggy bed. Later on, they’d find him lounging on top of the pilfered goods.


“A couple of weeks ago, a staff member noticed Kevin was acquiring office and other personal items with him,” said Austin Animal Center Staff Member Jennifer Olohan. “All kinds of things! Definitely clothing. He has stolen a purse, some loose change, a boxed sandwich though he did not eat it. He brings them to his bed then creates a nest of his own treasures.”

The handsome dog did not, even for once, show any remorse. He even looked happy and proud of his actions. But the staffers quickly realized that his stealing habit is the result of a very sweet reason.

“Our guess? It makes him feel closer to everyone he spends the day with,” explained Olohan. “He doesn’t take anything when he’s with someone, but once they all eave, he’ll go steal again. He probably feels lonely.”

After everything Kevin has been through, it seems he’s simply trying to keep people within his life. Losing a family with no assurance as to when a new one will come makes the dog do whatever it takes to keep his favorite people around. And the stolen items mean a lot for him.

Kevin is not a fan of anyone who tries to take away any of his treasures. He guards them and is extremely reluctant returning them to the rightful owners. So the staffers will have to take him out to get them back, according to Olohan.

Just like any typical Lab, Kevin completely adores having people around. He’d certainly blossom in a home where he will have other siblings, be it a cat or a dog. He loves playing and. of course, cuddling. Any family will be a great fit but one that’s pretty tidy would probably the best so he doesn’t get to steal much anymore.

Credits to Austin Animal Center




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