Any self-respecting dog owner must own a crate. You cannot consider yourself a responsible pet parent if you do not have one. Why? Because a dog crate offers your pet safety and security and no self-respecting dog owner will be negligent of those two things. On top of that, a dog crate can serve as a much needed prop for dog training.

If you have yet to shop for a dog crate and we have thus far convinced you to do so, there is no reason to feel overwhelmed. Yes, these dog paraphernalia come in many different forms and it is easy to get lost in the sauce, but rest assured that the whole thing can be done simply and with as less fuss as possible. Just follow these three quick and easy steps.

Pick the right size

Here is the golden rule: your chosen crate must be larger than your dog’s length, width, and height by only a few inches. This dimension will be enough to allow your dog to lie down, stand up, and turn around in their crate with comfort. One reason why you must resist the temptation of buying a crate way larger than your dog is that too much idle space will make your dog think of this surplus area as pee spots.


If you are not quite sure about your pup’s accurate size or do not know how to go about measuring them, utilize crate manufacturers’ guides to aid you in choosing the right size for your pet. These guides are helpful and are at your disposal.

Look beyond the present

If you’re buying a crate for a fully-grown dog then this is not your concern. Otherwise, if you have a puppy, make sure that you consider the size their breed eventually grow into. As cute as they are as pups and as badly as you’d want to keep them that way, dogs are living breathing beings and thus they gain heft eventually. If you do not wish to keep on buying a new crate every time your pup gains more inches, look beyond the here and now.

To avoid the pee spot issue mentioned earlier, make sure to shop for a crate with a built-in divider. This way you can simply adjust its usage depending on your pup’s growth spurt.

Consider your lifestyle

Although your dog will be the main owner of their crate, this contraption will nonetheless turn into a central part of your abode. And you’ll have it for quite a long time, unless of course you choose to replace it. If the idea of constant crate replacement is not something you like, for financial reasons or what-not, make sure your chosen crate is one that will suit your personality as well. Do you like how it looks? Or is it an eyesore that will most likely be a source of irritation henceforth? Other considerations include quality, especially if you’re not the DIY-er type, and portability, if you happen to be always on the go and plan to take your pet with you.  

This quick guide should make your crate shopping fun. Enjoy!



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