While becoming a dog owner can bring much bliss into your life, there can also be detrimental effects if you are not cautious. You may find yourself party to a lawsuit if your dog were to bite another dog or a person, and, in the worst case scenario, you might be in for a tearful farewell to your treasured pet if it is required he be put down. In order to avoid this, please be responsible and begin with these basics safety tips for dog owners.

Go Back to School

If your dog becomes a member of the family as a puppy or an adult, it is always wise to take him to some form of training in obedience. There are various accessible classes that can aid in learning how to be interact with your dog for safety and effectiveness in his education regarding behavior in public, near children, and when having chance meetings with other animals. It is a good idea to take him to school sooner rather than later; this can also create a wonderful bonding experience for you and your dog.


When your dog is a newborn puppy, he is very influenceable and he must have interaction with other dogs and humans to become educated in appropriate behavior. This also provides a path of safety for him into adulthood, ensuring he will have learned how to properly behave.


The case of bringing in a grown dog can serve its difficulties, as they have already come into their emotional maturation. Use caution when making introductions between your dog and any others, and be sure you do what is needed to make it a safe meeting. At times, this may even require the temporary use of a muzzle.

Know Your Dog

If you are alert to the fact that your dog is not one for social crowds, or does not enjoy being around other dogs or children, you must respect this and do not try to force him into anything. Generally, when an animal feels a sense of threat, it may take action that would astonish you – things you may have thought to be out of his character.


Be Equipped

Ensure that your equipment meets typical safety standards for you and your dog. Be sure that his harness or collar fastens properly in order to prevent his getting out from under your control. When leashes are involved, it is not necessary to purchase one which extends up to 20 feet and retracts. If this were to wrap around somebody’s left, it could literally lead to their being scarred for life. Retractable leashes are particularly hazardous near bicycles; they can become stuck in the wheels and lead to a serious accident which could severely harm your dog and the cyclist.

Stay Current

Though each dog is different and will require different shots, as a responsible dog owner, you must take initiative with making sure your dog is up to date with them. Not only will this ensure your dog starts out and remains healthy, but if they were to (heaven forbid) break someone’s skin, it can help prevent any terrible diseases being transferred.




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